Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The story continues...

So what did I decide I would do if my final submission failed? I was going to self e-publish, of course. I knew very well that King's Envoy, and indeed the entire Artesans of Albia series (nine books in all!) was too good just to consign to the bin, or some dusty old bottom drawer. It might not be commercial enough or "in vogue" enough to interest a publisher just now, but I certainly wasn't going to let ten years of hard work and effort go to waste! I had heard of authors who e-published their work and then found that their books gained a fan-base, so much so that they received offers from publishers, and I was hopeful that the same would happen to King's Envoy.
As it turned out though, that final submission was successful, which only goes to prove what every writer gets told - NEVER GIVE UP!

King's Envoy will be published by Rhemalda Publishing on 15 August 2011. Watch out for it in bookstores!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Being Published

Is there anything more exciting than finally finding out - after years of unsuccessful submissions - that your book has been accepted by a publisher and you're going to be published? If you're a writer, then I sincerely doubt it! I had this glorious experience in July this year and I'm still trying to believe it. All sorts of emotions flooded through me - from elation to surprise, from disbelief (was it a cruel spam email?) to acceptance, from self-doubt (can they really like it that much?) to celebration (Yes! They do!!).
Even now, 5 months later, I still wake up with the shivers in the middle of the night, reliving that heart-stopping moment. You know the one- when you see an email from the publisher and you almost can't bring yourself to open it in case it's yet another rejection.
And to think I nearly gave up! Despite all the advice to the contrary, this submission was to be my last. If this one didn't work, then I would definitely.....
(to be continued).