Thursday, 16 December 2010

Being Published

Is there anything more exciting than finally finding out - after years of unsuccessful submissions - that your book has been accepted by a publisher and you're going to be published? If you're a writer, then I sincerely doubt it! I had this glorious experience in July this year and I'm still trying to believe it. All sorts of emotions flooded through me - from elation to surprise, from disbelief (was it a cruel spam email?) to acceptance, from self-doubt (can they really like it that much?) to celebration (Yes! They do!!).
Even now, 5 months later, I still wake up with the shivers in the middle of the night, reliving that heart-stopping moment. You know the one- when you see an email from the publisher and you almost can't bring yourself to open it in case it's yet another rejection.
And to think I nearly gave up! Despite all the advice to the contrary, this submission was to be my last. If this one didn't work, then I would definitely.....
(to be continued).

1 comment:

  1. okay, you would definitely what? Spit it out. . .Thank you Cas. Many would share this experience, but must have the perseverance. One would hope, the worthy vision will lead.