Tuesday, 3 April 2012


The tangwyr arrives
The Tangwyr Arrives!
Remember that post back in January? The one about the metal artist who sent us photos of a tangwyr he had created just from the picture on the front cover of King’s Envoy? Well, I am excited to announce that the creature did finally make its way to my house, and in time for my birthday!
Apologies to anyone who has already seen this on my Facebook page – but it’s such a fabulous thing, I just had to post it here too.
Yes – the tangwyr has landed. Its creator rang us up one day in early March to tell us that he had finished the sculpture, and that he would be very happy to come and install it for us. So we fixed a day, and he arrived with the creature in his truck – a truck that also carried the huge metal head of a horse. Good job it wasn’t a unicorn, or I would have had that off him, too!

Gorgeous horse-head sculpture

We had already decided where the tangwyr would go, and Dave helped assemble and steady the platform that would allow the artist to reach the relevant branch. He was able to carry the beast by himself, and it was installed quite simply by attaching it to the end of a long steel pole. It moves slightly in the wind, which I love because it gives the creature life.
The artist has lacquered the underneath of the tangwyr, but not its head and back. The back of it will continue to go a lovely rusty color, which matches well with the book cover, while its undersides will retain that gorgeous steel-blue of naked metal.
I simply adore it, and it sends shivers down my spine each time I see it. I still can’t believe this impressive creature came out of my head.
Now – if only Drum, Sullyan’s magnificent warhorse, would also turn up on my doorstep, my dreams would be fulfilled!

Coming in to land ...

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