Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cover Reveal! 

The Cover of 

Final Book of the

Trilogy and Sixth

 Book in All!

FULL CIRCLE, this final book in the CIRCLE OF CONSPIRACY trilogy, brings to a conclusion Brynne Sullyan's quest to prevent Baron Reen from achieving his aim ... the destruction of the Veils and the annihilation of all Artesans. But despite her knowledge of the evil he has done, both to Albia's ruling structure and to her Artesan kin, Reen could still escape justice. The outcome of his trial depends on many things, not least the lack of hard, irrefutable evidence. With testimony from the Andaryans inadmissible in an Albian court, only the sly Captain Parren could possibly provide it. But Parren is nowhere to be found ... 

Here's the back cover copy:

A fragile peace has been restored, but at what price?

Despite averting the destruction of the Veils and preventing all-out war between two realms, Brynne Sullyan’s troubles are far from over. Her marriage is in tatters, her military career sacrificed for the greater good, and her impending motherhood a source of anxiety rather than joy. Fleeing the shambles of her life in Albia, Sullyan seeks solace in Andaryon. Taran accompanies her, but even he cannot protect her from her ravenous inner demons.

Baron Reen’s trial looms and his conviction is by no means certain. Tad’s testimony and the capture of the traitorous Captain Parren may be the keys to proving Reen’s guilt, but Tad’s life still hangs by a thread and Parren has fled the Manor. Devastated by his wife’s betrayal and his own failure to protect Tad, Robin vows to hunt down the traitor. Whether he succeeds or fails, his quest for vengeance could be the undoing of them all…

Life is full of tragedy and heartache, and no outcome is guaranteed. Read FULL CIRCLE to discover the fate of Artesans in Albia:

Reviews from Artesans fans:

Cas Peace’s Artesans of Albia trilogy immediately sweeps you away. These nesting novels are evocative, hauntingly real. Smart. Powerful. Compelling.

Janet Morris. 

Cas Peace has really done it up right this time. The Circle of Conspiracy Trilogy is a real barnburner. In past books Ms Peace has demonstrated the ability to create fast-paced action and unremitting tension. In this novel she shows a maturing ability to handle conflict, orchestrating the suspense beautifully.

Gordon A Long

A superb read. Non-stop intrigue and action. I literally could not put it down. Anyone needing a good series to read should take up Book 1 and get started. Cas Peace has created an unforgettable hero(ine) in Sullyan, and a world that ranks alongside Middle Earth and Westeros.

David C Snell

This book is an epic (and heroic) fantasy, a genre I like very much. Though I won’t try to compare this book to the masters, it has a depth of history and a magic system that is really strong. The conflict in the book between characters is also powerful, because of the relationships between them. Honor and Duty are difficult values to adhere to when they come into conflict with love and affection. I think that the characters are very much the strong point of the novel. I was very impressed.

J P Wilder