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Hi, Everyone! Today, in association with Loving the Book, Peacewrites is hosting Son of a Kitchen Witch by author Tim Hemlin. Read on and give him some love!

As if being a high school student isn't already hard enough, Bobby Hawthorne and his best friend, Angelina Dellapicallo, struggle to understand the emerging secrets of witchcraft and magic - secrets strictly guarded by Bobby's overprotective mother and her friends. The unexpected appearance of his spirited grandfather, though, sets in motion a series of events that sweep the young teens down a dangerous path, one inhabited by an ancient evil that threatens not only Bobby and Angelina but their whole community of witches as well.

Pixies can't stop the hellhounds . . . but they have sounded the alarm . . . and the magic users must respond . . .

RJ Reviews - "This is a great, fun read that puts a very American spin on the story of witches living among us in the real world, blending Texan culture and Native American mythology together into something unique and enjoyable. If you're a fan of fast-paced, YA stories, then you need to give Son of a Kitchen Witch a read!

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Tim Hemlin has taught middle school English Language Arts in the Houston area for over 20 years and now puts his master’s degree in counseling to work as a high school counselor in the Fort Bend Independent School District. Besides running marathons, Hemlin enjoys cheering on his favorite sports teams—the Patriots, the Red Sox and the Cowboys. He currently lives with his family outside Houston, Texas.

Son of a Kitchen Witch is Hemlin’s seventh full-length novel and is informed by the decades he has spent as an educator in Houston-area public schools. Set in suburban-Houston, Son of a Kitchen Witch is a fast-paced urban fantasy about the teenage son of a witch and how he navigates the perilous terrain of young love, high school drama, and being hunted by a pack of hellhounds.

Tim Hemlin’s other works include the Houston-based Neil Marshall Mystery series and “The Wastelanders,” a dystopian-clifi novel about a futuristic world devoid of water.

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Snippet 2.
The first time I saw an angry Earlene Tamarack I thought it was a funny sight. And then I witnessed the storm she unleashed. You see Earlene has a strong connection with the weather and the freak tornado she cut loose caught everyone by surprise and took off a corner of Macy’s at the mall. I don’t even remember what made her angry, only the repercussions. Luckily the only one hurt was a bikini-clad mannequin in a display case.

Brave Cookies!!

Brave Cookies Recipe
Olivia created this recipe for Bobbie to make with her when he was having night terrors after his father died. These cookies are healthy and good for the soul. When they made the cookies, together they repeated the blessing, included below, to reinforce the “power” they impart. And every night before bed she reinforced their power with the invocation.
Brave Cookies
STRENGTH—1 & ½ to 2 C unbleached flour
ENERGY—2/3 C raw sugar
HOPE—1/2 C rolled oats
CONFIDENCE—1 egg, beaten
SPEED—1/8 C Earth Spread (margarine)- room temperature
UNDERSTANDING—1/2 C applesauce
CALM—1 tsp ground nutmeg
INVISIBILITY—1/2 tsp baking powder
CUNNING—1/2 tsp baking soda
TRANSFORMATION—1 tsp vanilla
COURAGE—1/2-1 C chocolate chips (the best are the dark chocolate sweetened only with cane sugar)
WILL—1/2 C chopped walnuts
Preheat oven to 350˚
Lightly spray cookie sheet with oil.
Combine applesauce and oats in small bowl. Set aside to let soak while preparing other ingredients. In medium mixing bowl combine the flour (start with 1 ½ cups), sugar, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda. Stir well. In small mixing bowl, combine the Earth Spread, egg, and vanilla. Beat until smooth. Add the applesauce and oats mixture. Stir until the batter is blended. Add extra flour until the batter is consistency of a thick paste. Finally add the chocolate chips and, if desired, the nuts.
Drop by teaspoonful onto the greased cookie sheet. Bake for approximately 12 minutes. Makes about two dozen cookies.
NOTE: The wonderful thing about these cookies is that you can adapt it to any of your child’s favorite cookie recipe.
Brave Cookies
Blessing while making the cookies:
“We ask for the blessings of the Lady and Lord.
We honor Her chalice and brandish His sword!
By the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
May these ingredients be mixed with their power.

With the blessed aid of white magick,
Make me tonight strong, wise and quick.
By the light of love's white moonbeams,
I am the master of my dreams.”
Of course you don’t have to be a witch for these cookies to work. Instead of Olivia’s blessing, use any prayer.
Have your child help make these cookies with you, reinforcing the fact that they can control their dreams. Tell them a story while putting these cookies together that incorporates all these attributes, bringing in positive ways to “fight” the demons in their dream, and remind them that these ingredients will help them become the master of their dreams.
Invocation before bed:
And before your child goes to bed have them eat one of these cookies and use an invocation similar to the one Olivia used for Bobbie (See below—again, adapt it to your own particular religion.)
“By the grace of Great Spirit, ruler of all,
I control my dreams. Be they great or small.
Blessed Be!
Blessed Be!
Blessed Be!

So Mote It Be!”

Snippet 4.
(Angelina and Bobby are waiting for the rest of their group to begin band practice)
Our eyes met and boy-oh-boy I’m surprised the instruments didn’t start playing themselves with all the sparks flying. We leaned toward each other just in time for Sophie to stroll in and say, “Hi guys!”
Angelina jumped back.

I could’ve kicked Sophie.

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